The FirstLink Difference


Configure It Your Way! Secure web hosting on your terms

FirstLink offers a unique platform for web hosting. Beyond simple shared or dedicated hosting accounts, we provide full enterprise virtual cloud environments on your choice of database, server and framework. We are able to deploy these in multiple ways as well. We can cook up the right recipe for your web hosting solution, no matter your business needs.

Our combination of security and reliability allows cost efficient cloud computing in a private environment, which is more secure and in compliance with numerous data security laws, such as HIPPA and SOC 2 Compliance Audit. Our tightly controlled infrastructure boasts an agnostic platform, autonomous system routing, our own ARIN issued IP block and an off-site enterprise backup solution. These services are HA (high availability) and geo redundant between multiple locations. We provide scalable load balancing across multiple environments. All web hosting services include daily backup and storage to multiple locations for 30 days in Denver, Louisville and CA. FLT web hosting services come standard with our knowledgeable, quality support people to guide you through your questions and concerns.

Hosting Services

Shared Hosting

shared hosting1

Shared Hosting

The website is housed on the same server as other websites. If you’re just getting set up virtually or you need to keep things affordable, this is a good option. Upgrade later as needs and budget allow.

  • Affordable
  • Scalable
  • Server sharing

Virtual Machine

vertual machine

Virtual Machine

Create another system environment to expand your capacity in the workplace.

  • Operating system in the cloud
  • VMware
  • MicroSoft Azure
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Virtual Desktop or Server

vertual desktop

Virtual Desktop/Server

Work from anywhere on any device. Let FirstLink get your business set up on a secure server to work virtually.

  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • NextCloud

IaaS Solutions

iaas solution

IaaS Solutions

Provide storage, server and networking resources through the cloud to make work faster, easier, more flexible and cost efficient.

  • Infrastructure as a Service
  • Cost-efficient
  • Regular data backups
  • Cloud -based network provide

Dedicated Server

dedicated server

Dedicated Server

A physical machine that is entirely available for your needs alone is perfect when security is a concern & control of your server is important for you.

  • Increased traffic on site
  • Higher security factor
  • Better optimize for page load
  • Control

Email Hosting

email hosting1

Email Hosting

We offer stand-alone email solutions, email integrated with a calendar, contacts, and a task management suite and groupware suite on both open source and licensed software

  • Custom Email Solutions
  • Office 365
  • G Suite

E-Commerce Hosting

e-commerce hosting

E-Commerce Hosting

Fast, reliable and scalable. We have web hosting for your e-commerce needs.

  • Payment processing
  • Security
  • SSL
  • Shopping cart

File Sharing

file sharing

File Sharing

Allow everyone in the company access to files as files are stored in the cloud, not locally.

  • NextCloud

Our Work

  • National VoIP Provider
  • Regional SaaS Provider
  • Hangar Company

National VoIP Provider



A nationwide VoIP provider needed more than a commodity cloud hosting provider to run their application. They required system administration labor and pro-active monitoring to guarantee excellent service to their clients.


FirstLink was able to offer an enterprise cloud hosting environment along with time and material top-notch labor to keep their business running smoothly. Currently, FirstLink continues to provide cloud hosting, cloud engineering system administration and consulting for technical projects that require our assistance.

Regional SaaS Provider



A SaaS provider focused in the field service operations sector needed enterprise hosting to provide uptime and security for their web application. They also needed programming and systems administration resources for their quickly expanding business.


FirstLink virtualized their physical hardware into an enterprise cloud environment to ensure uptime and maximize scalability. Our team of experts was a resource that they could rely on to provide the technical services they needed quickly and securely. Currently, FirstLink is hosting and maintaining their cloud environment and provides time and material programming services when they have overflow.

Hangar Company



A nationwide hangar management and brokerage company needed a hosting platform and partner to assist in their development and production environments and provide a hosting gatekeeper to the various development companies they use for web based applications. They came to us from a large corporate hosting provider that did not have a flexible and affordable solution.


FirstLink created two distinct environments for development and production that have separate VPN access to secure each environment separately and allow rules to be made for accessibility. Currently, FirstLink hosts their environment and provides them managed services for the updates and backups of their infrastructure.