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Shared hosting, including web, database, and email with FirstLink is a great way to get started building your online presence without having to worry about the complexities of installing software or configuring a web server. Gain access to an easy to use cPanel web interface with tools to automatically install a WordPress site or configure your own custom email.

Whether you’re stuck, looking for more technical specs or just want some tips on where to start, hit up our knowledgeable tech team anytime.

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Why we prefer cPanel?

“cPanel provides the most reliable and intuitive server and site management platform. With a rich feature set and customer-first support, cPanel’s automated and configurable platform enables customers to focus on growing their businesses.”

FirstLink isn’t just another cPanel hosting provider however. We take cPanel to the next level with enhanced security, code vulnerability scanning, Web Application Firewall (WAF), and anti-spam features to keep your data protected. FirstLink also offers automatic WordPress updates and alerts for vulnerabilities should one be found.

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With cPanel it is easy to get started. You can literally have a website online within minutes. With easy to choose from templates and automated WordPress installation, your website is just a few clicks away.

FirstLink makes security a priority for shared hosting on cPanel by carefully selecting which packages and services to enable, running advanced code and vulnerability scanning, and utilizing an intelligent WAF and firewall to make sure your site doesn’t get attacked and will perform its best (because it isn’t wasting resources responding to would be hacker attempts).

With self management tools you can easily add users, change a password, update your website, and much more, all from the convenient web management interface provided by cPanel.

With one click WordPress installation you can deploy securely deploy a WordPress site within your cPanel account in seconds – the automation takes care of installing the software and configuring the database for you so you can focus on creating content!

With anti-spam plugins for WordPress and SPAM filtering for your email, you can control who gets to contact you via your website and you won’t have to worry about your site being abused.

Automatic updates take care of keeping your site patched and up to date. One of the great benefits of shared hosting is that you don’t have to worry about patching the operating system – FirstLink takes care of that for you. You will also get automatic WordPress updates and compatibility testing to make sure updates don’t break your site. Choose from automatic updates or be notified when updates are available.

Shared Hosting FAQs

How does shared hosting work?

Shared hosting is where a single physical server hosts multiple websites and other applications. The server’s resources, such as CPU, RAM, and disk space, are shared among all the instances hosted on the server. This means that each website and/or other application has a limited allocation of resources, but it is a cost-effective option for small to medium-sized websites that do not require a lot of resources. FirstLink’s shared hosting is exclusively on cPanel and we limit the number of users to keep resources available and applications fast.

What are the differences between VPS hosting and shared hosting?

Shared hosting is a type of web hosting service in which a single physical server hosts multiple websites and other applications. Shared hosting options share the same server resources, such as memory, CPU, and disk space. VPS hosting, on the other hand, is hosted on a virtual private server which means that each website and other application has its own allocated resources, such as memory and CPU, and is isolated from the other instances on the same physical server. In summary, shared hosting is more affordable but offers less control and resources, while VPS hosting is more expensive but offers more control and resources.

Is it easy to transfer my website with FirstLink? 

Yes. The web interface is intuitive and users with some technical skill will be able to migrate the site on their own. Should you encounter difficulty or your website is a more complex migration, our knowledgeable technical support crew is available to assist. We will consult with you to determine your next best steps.