Giving Back to Others

FirstLink Technology is a proud member of the Colorado Front Range community and
we are always looking for ways to support it and give back to the community that supports us.
The owners and employees of FirstLink believe that we should do anything we can to support our
community and we continue to donate some of our time and resources to help out local
charities and non-profit organizations.
The following is a list of some of the charities and non-profit
organizations we have
recently donated time and resources to:

Adopt a Stream Foundation

Colorado Coalition for the Homeless

Denver Christian School

Emmaus Rock Church

Family Homestead

Sing a Mile High

Toys for Gods Kids



“Clean water is important to us at AASF, and FirstLink has shown us
a commitment to excellence in delivering world-class internet services to allow
AASF to reach out to its worldwide base of members.”

           – Tom Murdock, Adopt-A-Stream Foundation

“With FirstLink’s help, Family Homestead is able to reach out to its members
and constituents in a cost-effective and timely way. This type of
communication was unattainable before FirstLink.

           – Les Jones, Family Homestead

“FirstLink keeps our network and systems running clean and effective.
We are always trying to stretch our budgets to receive the maximum
amount of services for the best price. FirstLink delivers!”

           – Greg Keefe, Colorado Coalition for the Homeless