Hosting & Cloud


Shared Hosting

FirstLink offers multiple hosting solutions to fit any business. Customers often mix and match services to create a cost effective and highly available architecture that delivers best-of-breed technical services.

  • UNIX Hosting
  • Microsoft Hosting

Virtual Machines

FirstLink Virtual Private Server (VPS) systems can provide the solution you need to succeed while avoiding the frustration and headaches of a system not capable of operating your tools and services. When there are business model changes, growing employee and/or customer base, new software; these things could then cause you to buy additional hardware or replacements.

  • VPS
  • Virtual Desktop

Third Party Software Solutions

Third party software is any program developed by a company for use with systems that the company did not develop. FirstLink can help you implement third party software into your website or develop in-house custom code applications to meet your specific requirements.

  • Application Hosting
  • CMS
  • Wordpress
  • Drupal

E-Mail Solutions

Reliable e-mail service is a must have for anyone conducting business. FirstLink understands this and has multiple solutions that will keep you on top of your critical communications. In-house hosting or third party service migration and implementation available.

  • FirstLink Hosted E-mail
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Mailer Solutions

Database Solutions

If your website or application has changing content or features that allow user interaction to change the behavior and or content displayed, you use a database to store and manage the content. FirstLink offers both shared and dedicated database hosting solutions.

Private Cloud

If you are looking for all of the security, capability and control of a dedicated hardware solution, but don’t want to purchase the equipment and house the environment, a private cloud solution may be the perfect fit. Whatever your requirements and specifications are, we can virtually replicate the hardware that would have been needed to meet them.

Our Solutions

Client: SEO / Marketing

Challenge: FirstLink has a proven SEO track record. An online retailer depended on direct mailings and print campaigns for their advertising.

FirstLink Solution: FirstLink devised and implemented a comprehensive strategy to get more visitors to their website with more conversions. Contests and mailers keep visitors engaged and a streamlined purchasing experience cut the clicks to purchase in half. Integration into their paper mail campaign using codes allowed for tracking of their different methods in one report.

Results: We have monthly meetings on strategy and analytic reports to help guide toward the best practices with the most noticeable results. We have increased their sales by over 55% in the past 2 years.

Client: Website Development

Challenge: FirstLink facilitated the makeover of a private school’s website.

FirstLink Solution: Working with administrators, vendors, teachers and school volunteers we put together a fully encompassing plan to upgrade their online presence. We gathered all of their current branding and logo designs, along with their website requirements and put together a concise plan of action. Their website called for an informational public website to inform prospects and a private login website for teachers and administrators as well as the students and their parents. We worked with their current vendors to match our new branding.

Results: After the initial website completion and launch, we constantly work with them to keep their website fresh and up-to-date.

Client: Colocation

Challenge: A startup cloud service provider met with FirstLink to discuss their business plan.

FirstLink Solution: Their first goal was to setup a small scale operation which would give them an idea of what would be needed to run at full production scale. We set them up in our datacenter with the minimal hardware specifications so they could run proof of concept testing. After completing testing, planning their next phase and purchasing hardware, we worked on the full datacenter three cabinet layout.

Results: They now have a robust network comprising of dozens of machines and a steadily growing customer base. After helping them with the initial network design and configuration, we continue to support their systems at our on-site datacenter. Along with 24x7 technical and on-site support,“Remote Hands” and console support and Hardware monitoring and support (disk swap, power supply change, cabling tracing and testing).