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Setting up solid home or office computer networks is something FirstLink has been doing for decades. Meet with our consultants to determine the scale and scope of your network design and we’ll work with you every step of the way. Whether it is determined that a single desktop machine is all that is needed, or if a large scale secure LAN with multiple workstations and daily Geo-redundant backups is required, we will deliver the best solution for you or your team. All the way from the acquisition of hardware and software, through to installation and configuration, once we are finished you will have a streamlined secure network ready to work for you.


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At FirstLink, we use the top performing email systems to elevate your business’s efficiency. With MS Office 365 it is like having your own enterprise Exchange level e-mail system. All folders automatically sync to the devices you use to check your mail. If you send an e-mail from your office desktop but need to check your sent items from your phone you can see what you sent. If you file an e-mail document in a client’s folder on your tablet over the weekend, it will be in your desktop computer e-mail folder when you are back in the office.

Depending on your business needs, the calendar function can be even more of an indispensable tool, allowing you to check your schedule, those of your employees, invite attendees to meetings or scheduled conference calls, all synced to accessing devices. Microsoft Office 365 is a true counterpart for the modern, hectic, on-the-go business lifestyle where being able to access centralized information from just about anywhere, anytime is the norm.

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Cloud computing is bringing new levels of accessibility to stored data. What previously had to be done at an office workstation can now be done using a multitude of devices from anywhere you have a connection to the internet. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the current leader in the rise of the managed cloud services industry. Whatever specifications you would have for a physical server can be applied to a cloud setup to run your applications remotely. Like a virtual desktop your business and its systems can be accessed anywhere.

Another advantage to using cloud based solutions is that there are no inherent upkeep costs. Where it used to be hardware was needed to run your software, now you can virtually host your software on a cloud platform. This gives you versatility and stability knowing that there is no hardware to fail nor any time or location restrictions when it comes to accessing the cloud services. FirstLink will work through the process with you to make sure your requirements are met with the most cost-effective and comprehensive cloud solution.

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Compliance to data integrity and security regulations is an ongoing process. With the amount of sensitive data organizations send out every day these regulations help create an internet landscape where your financial or medical information isn’t available to the public. Regulatory bodies put these systems of checks in place for the benefit of everyone’s security. Unfortunately, they can be very strict and time-intensive processes to get your company compliant with whatever type of data they need to secure.

PCI compliance is a set of standards that need to be followed if you conduct credit card transactions, HIPPA compliance if you deal with any medical records and GLBA compliance to protect non-public information stored at financial institutions, just to name a few. Each compliance has checklists of business practices you need to adhere to regarding securities in place for storage, transmission and receiving sensitive information. Failure to act in accordance with these preset industry standards can result in damage to your reputation and severe fines.



External threats to computer networks are ever-present and ever-evolving. Rest assured that FirstLink has been managing network security for over 20 years. Private or public networks can be locked down with multiple access controls which we then monitor for unauthorized access.

Depending on the size, complexity, and nature of your network a simple username and password authentication can be all that is needed to allow access for your users. But if you need a more robust verification policy we can implement multi-factor authentication, utilizing extra measures in addition to the username and password. These multi-factor authentications could use a mobile device that is sent a security code to be entered or use biometric scanners for access such as fingerprint readers.

On top of authentication and authorization measures, firewall configurations will administer the proper level of access the network user is allowed once connected. FirstLink will be the key that locks down your network.