Our Promise to Our Clients

Here at FirstLink, there is nothing more important to us than our relationship
with our customers, and we work hard to earn your business every day. We know
that your business depends on our services being dependable and of the highest
quality and we promise to consistently deliver the quality that you expect.



FirstLink pledges to be honest and forthright in all customer dealings to foster an ongoing relationship of mutual trust and respect. To cultivate an environment of trust, FirstLink will:

  • Give customers accurate estimates so that you know exactly what a project is going to cost before committing to its commencement.
  • Always communicate up front about any and all costs involved in your service with FirstLink. There will never be any surprises. There will never be any hidden or unexpected charges.
  • Deliver regular and accurate status reports for all projects and project milestones.


FirstLink values our customers and our customers depend on us to deliver the value they expect in return. FirstLink demonstrates a strong commitment to our customers in the following ways:

  • FirstLink will reciprocate tenfold the commitment you have made to us as your service provider, and we will consistently strive to exceed your expectations.
  • Work to continually improve efficiency. The more we know your business the easier it becomes to support you.
  • We will always do whatever it takes to keep our customers happy.


Every member of the FirstLink team has been hand picked to represent the ethical principles of FirstLink technologies. As a customer you will see our integrity manifest in the following ways:

  • FirstLink will always be accountable to our customers by accepting responsibility for our decisions and actions.
  • FirstLink will never sell you something you don’t need just to make a buck. We will always work to provide you the most cost-effective solution, even if that means referring you to another vendor.
  • FirstLink will make every effort to keep you informed about possible future caveats and complications before they become a problem.


FirstLink continually strives to improve our efficiently in executing on the expectations of our customers. FirstLink delivers timely results to you by:

  • Listening careful to your needs, guiding you through unforeseen caveats, developing a reasonable project scope, and executing the plan through well defined project milestones.
  • Use cross-functional collaboration to ensure timely accurate outcomes.
  • We will consistently deliver high value and ROI on time and as promised.